New at the TU?


If you want to start a Master’s program at the TU Vienna and have completed your Bachelor’s degree at another university, you have to apply for the program. In the course of the equivalency test, the professional prerequisites of the bachelor’s degree are evaluated, and if the result is positive, you can start directly into the master’s program. It should be noted that there may be requirements of up to 30 ECTS and that the processing time can take 10 – 12 weeks. So be sure to submit your application as early as possible!

No equivalence

If there is no equivalence, it is possible that the list of requirements exceeds the 30 ECTS. This means that you cannot enroll in the Master’s program, but you can enroll in the Bachelor’s program. In the latter, you shorten the list of requirements to 30 remaining ECTS and apply again. Since equivalence now exists, one can change to the Master. This is especially interesting for scholarships, family allowances, etc. and also because you can use the rest of the requirements list again as electives.

Info of the study department

The short overview from us can be read in detail:

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